There are only two more episodes left in this season of The Walking Dead. Last week, everyone was shocked to see Dale get gutted at the end of the episode and no one is sure just who is next. Well, we’ve got some major spoilers from this weekend’s episode and they are going to blow your mind.
If you don’t want this episode to be spoiled, don’t scroll down!

OK, remember how they started talking about how just being scratched by a zombie could infect you a couple episodes ago? That realllllllly obvious statement is what you call foreshadowing. What we have below is a well vetted leak of what happens at the end of this week’s episode. There’s a big fight and not everyone makes it out alive. Enjoy!

Shane finally admits “it ain’t goin to be easy, but Lori and Carl will get over you” and you can tell by the look on Rick’s face that he’s starting to lose his patience. Shane adds “they done it before, they just gone have to” and pulls out his gun to aim at Rick’s face. Rick asks why? Why now? He then says “I thought we tried to work this out”. Shane laughs and says “we tried to kill each other!” (referring to the fight in 18 Miles Out) with his gun still on Rick.

Shane continues to mock by saying “ya think we’re just gonna forget about it and run into the sunset together?” Rick asks him “are you gonna kill me in cold blood? Screw my wife? Have my children… my children! Call you daddy? Is that what you want?”

Shane talks about how Rick has no idea what he had to, and still has to live with. Shane dares Rick to raise his gun, but Rick refuses. Shane taunts him by saying “what happened Rick, I thought you said you weren’t the good guy anymore?” He continues to mock, saying that he’s a better father than Rick and that he’s better for Lori than Rick because he’s a better man than Rick and he’ll actually fight for Lori (the stuff that Rick basically told him in ’18 Miles Out’ Shane is twisting his words against him, and this pisses off Rick.)

Shane says that Rick came back and destroyed everything. Pause. He continues by saying Rick has a broken wife and a weak boy. He also adds that Rick doesn’t even know how to fix it, he then pushes his gun closer to Rick and tells him to raise his gun.

Rick asks are you gonna shoot an unarmed man? Rick slowly goes for his gun and then pulls it out as if to drop it. Shane keeps his gun trained on Rick. Rick tries to negotiate saying “there’s a way back from this, nothing happened here, we gonna lay down our guns and walk back to the farm.”

Shane looks conflicted, not knowing that Rick has drawn his knife (the one you see him use in ’18 Miles Out’), finally when Shane doesn’t expect it, Rick lunges his knife into Shane’s chest.

Shane comes back as a zombie – Carl shoots him.
And… as they say… Boom goes the Dynamite.

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