The other day, George Lucas dropped a huge bomb on the Star Wars community. He was planning to release all six Star Wars Movies in the theater… in 3D! In fact, today he followed it up by announcing that Phantom Menace would be in theaters in early 2012.

Lucas was hoping to ride the 3D wave and bring in a few hundred more million dollars, but for the first time, it looks like he may have done something so bad that the fans are turning on him… and that’s pretty amazing when you consider they stuck with him through Jar jar Binks.

While there have been a few positive comments on the message boards, the vast majority of them have been more along the lines of these:

– “SW is just a machine now”
– “I’ll stay away in droves”
– “Lucas is beating a dead horse”
– “Never have I seen something so amazing be systematically destroyed.”

What do you think about the new 3D Star wars?


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