One of the most hotly-contested moments of Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi was when Kylo Ren told Rey that her parents were nobodies. We know from several interviews going back as far as the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens that there was a bigger plan in place for her parentage. Along with Daisy Ridley herself being told by Abrams who her parents were while on set, Simon Pegg has also publicly stated that Johnson’s take on the character was not what Abrams had in mind. Now a new quote is out from the Force Awakens/ The Rise of Skywalker director on what exactly is the current status of the Rey family tree.

“I will say that we knew going into this that this movie had to be a satisfying conclusion, and we’re well aware that [Rey’s parentage is] one of the things that’s sort of been out there. I don’t want to say that what happens in Episode VIII—you know, we’ve honored that. But I will say there’s more to the story than you’ve seen.”

If we had to guess, the new film will have Rey learning about her parentage either through a force vision, actually meeting them (maybe Kerri Russell?), or through Kylo Ren admitting that he was just trolling with her to turn her to his side. While this is great, it doesn’t fix the lame ass death that Johnson gave to Admiral Ackbar.