Apparently all of the world’s problems have been solved, because Change.Org has enough time for this complete and utter nonsense.

As long as there’s been a hope of a Deadpool film, the one thing that fans have asked for (aside from Ryan Reynolds returning for the role) was that the movie be rated R. We got our wish. The film is going to be all kinds of rated are from the looks of it, and I can’t wait to see it.

Now, some asshats over at have launched a petition for a child-friendly PG-13 cut of the film to be released. The petition is born out of several moms who have been asked by their children to bring them to the movie.

I’m not really sure what to say about this but tough titties. There are going to be things that happen in life that you can’t take part in because you aren’t old enough, can’t afford it, live to far away… whatever. This is a film that was created in a very specific way to stay true to the audience who has kept it faithful to source material.

If Fox really wants to capitulate to this nonsense, then maybe I could see them releasing an alternate cut of the film on Blu-Ray, until then… in the words of Dennis Leary: Lifes Sucks, Wear a Helmet.

Here’s the idiocy:

Thanks to Ryan Shipley for posting this on FB and making me aware.

Source: Screenrant