Due to a COVID-related delay, Superman and Lois Lane is going on a brief hiatus and the final season of Supergirl is premiering a little earlier than expected, March 30th. After last night’s new Superman episode, we finally got our look at the final season of the series which will end Kara Zor-El’s adventures in the CW and will reportedly also be the end of her, literally. From the look of the first trailer, the new season are going to be about one thing and one thing only, the final showdown between Supergirl and Lex Luthor.

“Rebirth” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, V) (HDTV)

SEASON PREMIERE – As Brainiac (Jesse Rath) lays close to death after trying to stop Lex (Jon Cryer), Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and team soar in to save him, engaging in an epic battle with Gamenmae (guest star Cara Buono). After beating Leviathan, Supergirl turns her attention to Lex (Jon Cryer) who has used the Obsidian platform to brainwash half the world to love him and follow him at all costs, no matter what horrible things he does. Knowing how dangerous this makes her brother, Lena (Katie McGrath) enlists the entire team – Alex (Chyler Leigh), J’onn (David Harewood), Dreamer (Nicole Maines), Kelly (Azie Tesfai) and Brainiac – to help, but Supergirl realizes that the only way to truly stop Lex is to sacrifice herself. Jesse Warn directed the episode with story by Robert Rovner & Jessica Queller and teleplay by Jay Faerber & Jess Kardos (#601). Original airdate 3/30/2021.