The new Superman movie has been full of rumors ever since they started the hunt for a director. Now they’ve got the director and so they’ve got to start looking for a new leading man to fill the tights. So far, the choices have been… interesting to say the least.

First there’s Brandon Routh. He’s a long shot for the role, especially after the train wreck that “Superman Returns,” but there are still a lot of fans that want him to reprise the role… and not become the Timothy Dalton of Supermen.

On the reasonable side of the rumor mill we’ve got:
John Hamm
Ben Affleck
Patrick Wilson
Joe Manganiello

Then we’ve got these two new names in the hat this weekend that have fans crying foul…
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
and John Cena

Who do you think should play the man in tights?