After over a year of hype, we are finally seeing our first glimpse of footage from The Adventures of Tintin. It looks really good, but with a team like Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Edgar Wright, it damn well better.

What do you think? Will this European classic play in the US? Are you excited about it or do you think it is going to be a major flop?

Here’s the official synopsis:
DreamWorks presents this computer-animated motion-capture adaptation of Georges Remi’s beloved Tintin comic strip in this first installment of a planned trilogy. Steven Spielberg handles direction duties on the initial film, which is set to be followed by a second film helmed by Peter Jackson, who shares producing duties on the films along with Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy. Jamie Bell provides the voice of Tintin, with Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Toby Jones heading up the rest of the cast. Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, and Steven Moffat provide the screenplay.