Our Friend Sara over at Diary of a Fangirl is really looking forward to Neil Gaiman’s new Stop Motion animated feature film, Coraline. She’s been talking about how much she loved it that even the people behind the movie had to take notice.

After some mysterious messages popped up on her site, she received this email:

Dear Sara,

We are a group of artists, puppet-makers and animators who, for the past three years, have been working on our new film, Coraline. We are great admirers of your work online and therefore want to send you something special. Something handcrafted. We only made 50 of these something specials, and we think yours will be right up your alley. We’d love to send it to you soon, so please email us back with your mailing address at your earliest convenience.


The Coraline Team
Portland, Oregon

Well, they made good on her word and Sara is now in possession of one of the coolest and rarest fan thank you movie collectibles that has ever been made. Here’s a pic of what appeared in the special hand-made wooden box that appeared on her doorstep. Check out Diary of a Fangirl for more pics and the rest of the story. coralinebox.jpg