I knew it was a pipe dream, but I was still hoping that the CW would be able to rope in Tom Welling to come back and reprise his role of Clark Kent/ Superman in Supergirl. While only shown as a silhouette in the first season of the show, it was recently reported that the Man of Steel would be popping into visit his cousin on a more regular basis, now that she’s making the jump from CBS to The CW.

Today, they’ve announced that they’ve picked the man who fits the tights and it is Tyler Hoechlin, best known for MTV’s Teen Wolf and Linklater‘s Everybody Wants Some! Honestly, I’ve never seen either, so I can’t judge the man’s acting talents. I will say that I hope they keep that brooding aspect of his acting behind and give us more of a traditional Superman. I’m getting a little tired of the self-hating, eternally conflicted versions of the hero that we’ve been getting lately.

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Source: TVline