There weren’t a lot of surprises at the Oscars last night, there wasn’t a lot of excitement overall. A lot of that comes down to how films are chosen and who chooses them to be awarded. There was a time when the biggest hits of the year were generally the ones to get the nominations. Now, it’s more common that the films up for awards are the ones that most people never see.

For their part, The Lonely Island, says they submitted a song for the Oscar’s broadcast, but that it was turned down due to financial and logistical impossibility. Thankfully, they posted it up on YouTube. Had it been included, it might have been the best part of the show!

We were asked to write a song for this year’s Academy Awards…
Unfortunately, it wasn’t chosen because it was “financially and logistically impossible”, so for fun we thought we’d share the rough storyboards of what would have been a fully shot, star-studded
music video of exorbitant cost.
All vocals and visuals are temp, so please use
your imagination and enjoy!