According to the Hollywood Reporter, There’s a new Three Stooges movie on the way and it will be coming out through their original movie studio, MGM.

MGM has been the home to Larry Moe, and Curly ever since 1933, but until recently, the film rights for the license were held by Warner Bros. Now that they’ve got it back, a recent screenplay by the Farrelly Brothers (Something About Mary, Kingpin) is being fast-tracked for a Thanksgiving, 2009 release.

From the article:

The Farrellys’ screenplay — described by the filmmakers as “slapstick with heart” — breaks the feature into four 20-minute shorts, in an approximation of the vaudeville and slapstick pioneers’ most common format in the 1920s and ’30s. The first episode establishes the bruising, boisterous brothers as 7-year-old castoffs who terrorize the nun-run orphanage that takes them in. Eventually foced to leave, Moe (the hostile leader), Larry (the jokey sidekick) and Curly (the childlike dimwit) try to find a place for themselves in a modern world.

No one is yet attached to star, but over the years thinking has run from total unknowns to unexpected A-list “stunt” casting, with such names as Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson floated for the temper-challenged, bowl-cut Moe.

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  1. I’m torn… Loved me some Three Stooges back in the day. Part of me is excited about this and the other part is afraid it will tarnish all of my fond memories.

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