In an effort to further monetize ‘The Walking Dead’, AMC recently announced that they will launch a live after show following the encore viewing of each new episode this season. This is a major coup for Hardwick who has seen his fame increase dramatically through his new stint as the host of the BBCA Comedy block and also as the host of the new BBCA talk show, based on his website, The Nerdist.

Joel Stillerman told Deadline that the new show will provide a “watercooler” for fans of the show who are already very active when it comes to tweeting or blogging about The Walking Dead. The new show will feature Hardwick as he talks to cast members, fans and enthusiasts about that week’s actions of Rick Grimes and his band of survivors.

Other shows have tried things like this before and they never really seemed to take off. Remember G-4’s Heroes after show? Even Food Network had a ‘Next Food Network Star’ after show.

Here’s what Hardwick had to say on the new gig:

“As an enormous fan of both The Walking Dead comic and television show, I pretty much begged for this job,” Hardwick said. “Dissecting the moves of Rick Grimes and the remaining survivors after every episode is something I would be doing with my friends anyway, so the fact that AMC is actually paying to do so is a bonus.”

Source: Deadline

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