If you ever felt like you had what it takes to make the best web show around, here’s your chance! Celebrate The Web is back with it’s third web pilot festival. CTW brings all types of filmmakers together to make a web pilot in seven days. That’s right, seven days. And this year it just got better! CTW just teamed up with Machinima to offer the winners of the festival a chance to pitch to one of the top YouTube channels around as well as screening at VidCon. Talk about doing big things, Celebrate The Web is on a roll, they’ve also teamed with SAG-AFTRA and Audiosocket allowing participants to utilize union actors and professional music while supporting the artists!

This is how it works: register, then you receive your theme, elements, and then write, shoot, edit and upload! All in seven days. So convince your friends to drop everything for a week and help you blow the doors off the WEB!

Click on the links below for all the details.

Celebrate The Web
CTW Rules