Thanks for stopping back for your weekly zombie news recap! To no surprise, The Walking Dead was mentioned this week. Our friends right here on youbentmywookie featured an exclusive interview with Neil Brown Jr, one of the new stars we will meet this weekend. The only bad thing about this series is that we’re half way through the first season already.

Meanwhile, over at Zombies & Toys, we brought you more book, game, toy, and movie reviews in addition to our usual presentation of zombie bites. Of course, we also launched another contest to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Speaking of which, let’s give thanks to our wookie readers by offering another exclusive contest. Email you name and address to and one lucky entry will be selected to win some Zombies & Toys goodies!

Our book review this week featured Alden Bell’s “The Reapers are the Angels”. A book very reminiscent of Cormic McCarthy’s “The Road”, Reapers tells the story of a young 15 year old heroine fighting her way through a world infested with zombies. This book has been recommended by several of the ZT staff. Stop by and read the review to see why.

This week’s video game review was of Fallout New Vegas. While not strictly a zombie game, it has many of the attributes that we as zombie fans are drawn to. You play as a lone survivor in a ghoul infested post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. The game has the elements that fans of the series will embrace and enjoy. But what does a zombie fanatic have to say about it?

If cheesy horror and humor are your bad, then you need to watch The Italian Zombie Movie parts 1 & 2. Low budget zombie horror at its best! A film so bad it’s good; it features minions of the devil, succubi, psychics, and even mad scientists. If you’ve heard enough, you can rush over to buy your own copy from Still on the fence? Go read our review!

We reviewed a new line of zombie collectibles this week. The Zombie Zoo is a line of cute, plush creations made by Neecy Twinem. In addition to being a children’s book author and artist, Neecy has designed a line of designer plush toys for zombie fans of all ages. Her first series features five animals infected with the zombie virus. Our review featured Rob, the rabbit. If you’re not a fan of bunnies, you also have a snake, pig, cat, or monkey to choose from. After you read our review, make sure to enter our Zombie Zoo contest to win Rob!

Make sure to swing by to see what else you missed this week. While you’re there, make sure to enter all of the contests we have running and join the fun on Facebook and Twitter. Be safe on your journeys this Thanksgiving and be thankful for your brains!