Did you see that fan made video of the opening credits for The Walking Dead? Daniel Kanemoto created one of the coolest animations I’ve seen. This is definitely not to be missed.

Now that The Walking Dead news is out of the way… Welcome back to another recap of this week’s zombie news! Even with Halloween around the corner, news about the undead was surprisingly light this week. But, as usual, there was plenty going on at Zombies & Toys. Of course, we have our standard fare of contests for the month and are rewarding readers with toys, books, accessories, stickers, and even CDs!

If the opportunity to win bunches of free zombie goodies isn’t enough, how about a zombie a day through October? This month, we are featuring a new zombie drawing each day. This fun way to pass the days is being brought to us by artist, Jerry Fleming. In addition to providing us a month filled with zombies, he is also the artist of the webcomic, “He-Guy”.

The week also saw the release of the highly-anticipated video game, Dead Rising 2. While a review of the game is in the works, we did feature some first impression thoughts and pics about Capcom’s Zombrex Edition. If you have been delaying the purchase of Dead Rising 2 or don’t know if this special edition is worth the additional cost, this is definitely something you want to check out.

Something else you may want to check out is an upcoming zombie opera. http://zombiesandtoys.blogspot.com/2010/10/evenings-in-quarantine-zombie-opera.html One of the more bizarre zombie mash-ups I’ve seen in a while, this definitely looks like fun. If you’re near the Pittsburgh area, Evenings In Quarantine: A Zombie Opera, looks like something you want to make it to. Opera incorporates different styles of music, great on-stage appearance, and filmed back drop into its presentation. The actors perform in front of a giant screen showing clips and scenery. The show will run for two weekends only with the initial showing on Oct 15.

In book news, we featured a review on Mac Montandon’s “The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies“. http://zombiesandtoys.blogspot.com/2010/10/dead-rising-2-first-impressions.html Containing advice from the practical to the whimsical, this could be a relaxing addition to your holiday reading. Or, you can read our preview of the new children’s book, It’s Okay to be a Zombie. Yes, it’s a children’s book about zombies. For my list of pros and cons, make sure to read the feature.

With Halloween around the corner, you want to make sure to keep updated with the zombie news that counts. So make sure to keep up-to-date by frequently paying us a visit. And then, make sure to check back here for your weekly recap.