We’ve been a fan of Melissa Mccarthy since her time in Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls and her underappreciated early film with Ryan Reynolds, The Nines. Sadly, nearly every time she teams up with her husband Ben Falcone to make a movie, it’s not very good. So, guess what? We’ve got a new film from Melissa Mccarthy and Ben Falcone called Super Intelligence.

In the new film, Mccarthy, the world’s most average woman, is chosen by a superintelligent AI (James Corden) as the measuring stick that will decide whether or not humanity should be destroyed. What results is a story in which the AI learns how special humanity is, as Mccarthy learns how special she truly is.

When an all-powerful AI (James Corden) chooses to study the most average person on Earth, Carol Peters (Melissa McCarthy), it’s the perfect recipe for a Thanksgiving movie.