As if you haven’t gotten enough of Tron, it’s now making a leap to the small screen in an all new animated series called “Tron: Uprising.”

Disney announced today that they will produce a new animated Tron series that will air only on Disney XD and premiere in the Summer of 2012.

“Tron: Uprising” will focus on Beck (voiced by Wood), who leads a revolution inside The Grid’s computer world.

The series will be executive produced and directed by Charlie Bean (Samurai Jack). The voice cast will include Elijah Wood, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens and Lance Henriksen, with Bruce Boxleitner reprising his role from the films as Tron.

Similar to how Disney XD has handled the new “Avengers” cartoon, fans can expect a 10-episode “microseries” to air in the fall of 2011.

Source: Variety