THR is reporting that none other than Milo Venitmiglia, also known as Peter Petrelli on NBC’s Heroes is getting ready to star in and produce his own web series on Spike.

The show will feature passionate fanboys settle hypothetical disputes in a special effects showdown.

“My whole life has been spent engaged with friends in intellectual debate … like whether Captain Kirk is tougher than Spock or if Middle Earth is a more difficult place to live than Tatooine,” Ventimiglia said. “With ‘Ultradome,’ we can bring these debates to the public and settle them in the most logical way possible: through armed combat.”

Each three- to five-minute episode, two characters engage in a heated geek-culture debate — “Who’s tougher, Harrison Ford as Han Solo, or Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones?” — then are transported to a stadium where the duo engage in single combat using all the weaponry, skills and pop culture touchstones from their respective hero’s creative arsenal.

Millions of fanboys just got very disturbingly aroused.