Although we had prematurely reported back in October that Vertigo and Garth Ennis’ royally epic “Preacher” movie had finally advance beyond development hell, it seems as if not much progress has been made. According to MTV who had a chance to speak with Mendes recently regarding Preacher’s development, Mendes is still waiting on a perfect script before officially signing on to direct.

The good news however, when asked about the Preacher property, Mendes said, “I think it’s absolutely brilliant.”

“It’s a gripping story, fantastic characters, great visual landscape. It mixes supernatural and real worlds brilliantly… it’s funny, and it’s absolutely, completely blasphemous, possibly even sacrilegious I would say. Which might be a dangerous thing to take on.”

So while there’s still no viable script, the good news seems that Mendes is still interested in directing and Columbia still retains the rights for the franchise.

Source: Splash Page MTV