Sure, this commercial could have gone a certain expected way, but then it wouldn’t be a proper ad campaign for the UK department store chain John Lewis. Directed by Dougal Wilson and made by the Adam & Eve ad agency, this darling seasonal spot titled, “The Long Wait” tells the story of little boy eagerly counting down the days until Christmas wit ha twist. Let’s just say it isn’t about selfish Ralphie and his stupid Red Ryder pump action BB gun. Who knew materialism could be this sweet. And if you’re wondering, these are totally not tears. My eyeballs are just sweating, cause it’s hot and stuff.

From the Youtube description:
“For gifts you can’t wait to give” There is something even more wonderful than receiving the perfect gift, and that is knowing you have found the perfect gift for someone you love. This year we have brought to life the feeling of excitement and anticipation you get when you have found that perfect gift for someone and cannot wait for Christmas day to arrive.

Our advert follows one little boy who is impatiently counting down to Christmas. We see him tapping his fingers, gazing out of the window, even trying to cast a spell on a clock to make time go faster, but to no avail. The track ‘Please, Please, Please let me get what I want’, was originally recorded by the Smiths, and has been rerecorded by emerging artist Slow Moving Millie.

Here are some of John Lewis’ past holiday commercials.