Universal Pictures is reportedly interested in developing a fictional action-adventure film based on the very much real Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci (Painter of The Mona Lisa and the Last Supper). According to Variety the studio has purchased the script penned by Jonny Kurzman and has Larry and Charles Gordon on board to produce.

The story will focus on a young Da Vinci who is tapped to stop Renaissance Europe from returning to the Dark Ages. We’re not sure how this will happen, but it sounds like a perfectly fine premise. If Abraham can kill zombies, why can’t Da Vinci stop the destruction of Europe, right?

The production will be overseen by Lawrence Gordon Prods. VP Philip Westgren who has produced “Watchmen,” the “Hellboy” films, “Hitman” and “The Girl Next Door.”

Revisionist films seem to be all the rage these days with Hollywood (See: Sherlock Holmes; See: The Raven. See: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure). I have no real qualms about about them taking place as they’re fun and add a little bit of imagination to what may otherwise be dry history.

Source: Variety