The news around the grapevine is that Universal Pictures is “strongly” considering remaking Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic, “Jaws.” Not only would the remake be a more contemporary take but it will also be in 3D (By now I’m just going to assume every movie will come out in 3D).

I suppose there’s good logic in this type of thinking: “Jaws” was successful, 3D is now hip, win-win for the studio, let’s go swim in a pool full of money.

But before you go into a blind and furious rage over Hollywood’s lack of respect for anything sacred, let me remind you that this is currently just a rumor. What that really means however, is that the details haven’t been ironed out yet by the suits, and once that is (when money is deposited into their bank accounts), then it’ll become a sad sad reality.

But until then, we can only hope Hollywood has enough respect and creativity to leave something be. Otherwise what next, a remake of “Citizen’s Kane” staring George Clooney and Shia Labeouf, directed by Michael Bay?