Everyone knows that the summer blockbusters don’t kick off until May. Warner Bros. must have gotten the memo and have decided that their DC/Vertigo comic book adaptation “The Losers” is enough of a winner to compete with other summer blockbusters.

Sylvan White’s “The Losers” is getting its release date moved from April 9th to June 4th. This move sets it to go up against several comedies such as “Killers,” “Get Him to the Greek,” and the family flick “Marmaduke.” While it has enough leg to possible beat out the kiddie fares, it’ll have its biggest test the following week when it goes up against Joe Carnahan’s “A-Team.”

Both films have the plot element of a burned special ops team out seeking revenge and only one will emerge victorious. We reckon the ’80s nostaglia will win out in favor for the “A-Team.” Of course, stranger things have happened.