An unknown filmmaker from Uruguay has been given $30m by Hollywood execs to transform his $500 YouTube video of a robot invasion into a full featured Hollywood movie.

Unknown director Federico Alvarez, who runs a post-production visual effects house in Uruguay, filmed “Panic Attack,” a five minute clip which he then uploaded to YouTube, with a budget of just $500 in his free time.

The clip featured giant invading robots and special effects that rivaled many big budget Hollywood movies and naturally grabbed the attention of thousands of movie fans and studio execs.

Since, Alvarez, 30, has been asked to visit LA where he was offered a $1 million directors fee and up to £30 million to make the film, by Mandate Pictures. The movie is expected to have a “compelling original story” beyond big robots blowing stuff up and killing a lot of people (Iron Giant apparently this is not).

Alvarez has been given a new apartment, a new car and to top it off, will work with “Spider-Man” director Sam Raimi on developing “Panic Attack” into a full featured film.

If you haven’t seen Alvarez’s “Panic Attack,” you can watch it below and be completely blown away:


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