It looks like you won’t be seeing Russel Crowe as the Gunslinger after all. The Go/No go deadline for Imagine’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Towers series has come and gone. Many people are saying that this is the final nail in the coffin for the project, but it seems to have more close calls with death than the average Stephen king Character.

Universal had previously let it go and now Warner Bros. Because the deadline has passed, Imagine is free to shop the project around as they choose. There aren’t really any other studios out there (other than Disney) who have the money and resources to take on the three films and two TV series that were planned for the series, but Ron Howard is a pretty resourceful guy, so you never know.

Amazon’s Synopsis:
The Gunslinger introduces Roland Deschain of Gilead, of In-World that was, as he pursues his enigmatic antagonist to the mountains that separate the desert from the Western Sea. Roland is a solitary figure, perhaps accursed, who with a strange singlemindedness traverses an exhausted, almost timeless landscape. The people he encounters are left behind, or worse—left dead. At a way station, however, he meets Jake, a boy from a particular time (1977) and a particular place (New York City), and soon the two are joined—khef, ka, and ka-tet. The mountains lie before them. So does the man in black and, somewhere far beyond…the Dark Tower.

SOurce: Collider