So much of what we have a chance to report comes in the form of short quotes and sound bytes. It’s not that often that you get a chance to sit and listen to two icons talk shop for an extended period of time. That’s why when this video popped on our Youtube feed this morning, we knew we had to share it with you. One of the latest conversations to be released from the 92nd Y lecture series is Frank Oz interviewing Mark Hamill about his life and career. The lecture was recorded on March 23, 2018, but it was just released a few days ago. If you’re a fan of either of them, or you want to hear great stories about Hamill’s time on Broadway, Star Wars, or even his obsession with the Muppets, you are going to love this.

In the interview, they mention that they’d love to do another session where Hamill interviews Oz. We don’t know if that happened, but if it did and it ever gets released, we’ll definitely be sure to bring it to you.

Mark Hamill lands at 92Y for a conversation with the man behind Yoda, legendary puppeteer and filmmaker Frank Oz. Hear from Hamill as he looks back on four decades of Star Wars and his iconic role as the Jedi Master. Recorded March 23, 2018, at the 92nd Street Y.