We’ve already survived the Voltron Reboot from a couple weeks ago over on the Nicktoons network. There are even some fans who actually liked it. Now that the robot cats are out of the way, the big cartoon question of the summer remains. Just what can we expect from Cartoon Network’s revamped Thundercats cartoon. Well, we’ve had little clips here and there, but now we’ve got something pretty major. Almost 10 minutes of footage from the new “Thundercats” show has popped up on the net. It’s not all one solid clip, but it does show the following:

– Lion-O and Snarf in a street fight
– Lion-O meeting Cheetarah
– Lion-O and Tygra in some arena sport where you have to climb a giant tree and ring a bell
– The Thunderkittens hypnotizing a dude and stealing his money
– Tygra, Lion-O and Cheetarah defending some lizards who are being tortured by other cat people
– Jaga and the king giving Lion-o the sword of omens and then the king kicks Lion-o’s ass with it
– Then some other short clips at the end including one that shows the claw shield

What’s my take on it? I’m giving myself a J.J. Abrams approach on it. Just like he went in a whole new direction with his Star Trek Reboot, Cartoon Network is really treating this like a whole new universe. If you are looking for exactly what you used to get from the old show, you will be disappointed. That show is not here. If you are open to a new universal retelling of the whole story, it looks like you are in for something that will at least satisfy you. If you are also a big anime fan, then chances are that you are wetting your shorts with anticipation.

“Thundercats” begins with an hour-long special premiere event Friday, July 29, at 8 p.m. (ET, PT). Following the premiere, the show will air regularly on Cartoon Network Friday nights at 8:30 p.m. (ET, PT) beginning August 5.