“Inochi, you are alive!” Bizarre yet sweetly beautiful Japanese pop art videos.

This may be old news to a few of you but my friend sent me a video that involved a funny boner joke. She said “I saw this and it made me think you’re dumb ass would like it.” I watched the video and yes there’s a funny boner gag in it but, there’s so much more! In 2004 Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami created “Inochi” a life size cyborg sculpture. This lead to a collection of shorts titled “Inochi-kun” involving a cyborg school boy in different adolescent misadventures. These are really sweet and heartfelt shorts that most of us can connect with. They’re about the awkward moments of life that we hate at the time but look back on fondly and remind us we’re alive. Of course Inochi’s happy to go through it all because it proves he’s alive and not just some cyborg boy. Also Inochi loosely translates to “Life.”

The creator Takashi Murakami you may know from his work with Kayne West. He did a few of Kayne’s album covers. He’s a very accomplished painter and I think his stuff is pretty cool. Check out some of his work below.