In the last couple months, director Joe Carnahan and Producer Ridley Scott have finally cast most of their “A-Team.” There is already a great cast lined up with Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and Former fighter, Quinton Jackson. Well now it looks like there might be two more great additions to the film.

Sources are reporting that Jessica Biel And Sharlto Copley are in final talks to join the movie. Biel, who recently complained that she isn’t getting the meat movie roles because she’s just too damn hot is already recognized by warm-blooded men and “Seventh Heaven” fans everywhere.

Copley on the other hand is new to the scene, but is garnering excellent reviews for his role as Wikus Van Der Mer in the summer blockbuster, “District 9”. If he joins the film, he’ll be taking the final slot on the team as Captain “Howling Mad” Mudock. Biel will be taking the role of Faceman’s Ex and the leader of the team going after The A Team.

Reports on the script is that the film will be going in the opposite direction of nearly every TV adaptation in the last decade. Instead of making a complete mockery of the film, the goal is to actually bring a more serious tone to the story.