Top Cow Productions – in partnership with Funimation and studio GONZO – has announced that “Witchblade: The Anime Series” will be available for free downloads on iTunes beginning today all the way though October 26.

According to Top Cow’s press release, “Witchblade” is the first U.S. comic book property to ever been made into an anime (I am assuming they meant anime series).

Unlike the comic book series or the American live action 2001 series staring Yancy Butler, the anime version of the story will follow a new heroine and wanderer named Masane Amaha, who stumbles upon the powerful Witchblade in Tokyo in the distant future. It is then that she must decide how to use the Witchblade power as she finds herself caught in between a war between Tokyo factions.

Click here now to download “Witchblade: The Anime Series” for free.