It is hard enough for some women when they have to deal with two men fighting over them… Jennifer Lawrence has two major movie franchises vying for her attention. She is Mystique in the X-Men First Class franchise from FOX and Katniss Everdeen in Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games saga. The only problem is that both super successful films wanted to make their sequels at the same time. This could have have meant that one of the films might lose the super hot actress while her stock is climbing through the roof. It was sort of like a game of chicken between movie studios and FOX blinked first.

The result is that Jennifer Lawrence is in for one of the biggest and most profitable years of her life. Hunger Games: Catching Fire will start filming in the fall and then X-Men First Class Part 2 will start filming in January. There is still the potential for for some conflict over reshoots and things like that, but it looks like the two rival studios are willing to play nice if it means keeping Lawrence in their projects.

Source: Collider