X-Men First Class is opening as we speak and the reviews have been stellar. Along with the reviews, we’ve also had some bits of news popping out about the film… including the much speculated secret cameo.

As you might now know if you are a big Twitter user, the identity of the cameo has been revealed and we can now tell you that it is none other than:


That’s right, Wolverine is making an appearance in the film, and apparently it is one of the funniest moments in the whole movie. Is Wolverine the bridge between this movie to the other X-Men Films like JJ Abrams did with Spock in Star Trek? We have no idea. Time will only tell.

All we do know is that you now have one more huge reason to go out and see this movie.

Many fans are disappointed about Stan Lee not having a cameo in the movie, but at least we can hear a little bit about his cameos in The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America HERE