Comic-Con has kicked off and Robert Zemeckis introduced footage form his upcoming film “A Christmas Carol” as well as fielding questions regarding a possible “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” sequel.

According to Zemeckis, “I can neither confirm nor deny. But I will tell you this: if that ever does happen, so everyone doesn’t have to worry, the 2D animated characters from the original movie will remain 2D. They will not be dimensionalised, but who knows? There might be other 3D stuff. That’ll be down the road.”

While trying to be cryptic, we believe what Zemeckis means is that it will retain the same likeness of the original while utilizing some 3D elements similar to how most films are produced today. That means Roger and most importantly Jessica Rabbit WON’T be in 3D but rather stay 2D like the original.

Sounds like great news to me! More as this story develops.