Despite dropping to No. 2 this weekend, Ruebn Fleischer and writer Rhett Reese’s incredibly awesome “Zombieland” has earned close to $47.8M in US domestic box office. The comedy-horror staring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin has exceeded all expectations, and of course when that happens it’s time to talk sequel!

“We would love it, and everyone involved creatively wants to do another one,” Paul Wernick told MTV. “Woody came up to us after the final cut of the last scene and gave us a hug and said, ‘I’ve never wanted to do a sequel in the previous movies I’ve done until this one.'”

Wernick and Reese also told MTV that the returning core crew would also return.

Although Zombieland the sequel has yet to be green-lighted and there’s currently still no script, Wernick reassures us that writing and coming up with new material isn’t an issue.

“It has lived in our heads for four-and-a-half years,” Wernick said. “We developed it and wrote it as a spec TV pilot in the summer of 2005. We’ve got a long brainstorming document that still to this day gets updated on a near-weekly basis with ideas. We’ve got tons of new ideas swimming in our head.”

Could there even possibly be a trilogy? According to Wernick, it’s a possibility, “We would love to do several sequels.

“We would love to also see it on television. It would make a wonderful TV series.”

Source: Scifiscoop