It is holiday time and if I have to hear that dude with the bell for another second I’m going to blow a freakin gasket. It’s weird. There’s so much awesome Christmas and holiday music out there, but all we ever hear are the Salvation Army bell and that god awful… I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

Its enough to make a man say bah humbug! With that in mind, we wanted to bring you a special holiday treat this season: Wookie Holiday Radio. Yes, there are some classics in here, but we did our best to desuckify holiday music. We’ve got everything from Tori Amos to The ventures, From Harry Connick to Porky Pig, and from Elton John to Bad Religion.

So sit back in that cage they call a cubicle or at home by warm glow of your LCD screen and enjoy the soothing tones of Wookie Holiday Radio.