• MSRP: $19.00

Children’s Bamboo Mealtime Set

Kids get the coolest dishes, but a lot of time they are made out of horrible plastics like melamine. We wanted to show these off as a great gift to anyone you know with small children. Vandor has created a line of cups and children’s mealtime sets featuring popular licenses like Marvel and Care Bears, but instead of using materials that could be harmful, they have figured out how to make theirs out of Bamboo. We tested them out and we’ve got to tell you they are great. They are dishwasher safe, durable, and you just feel better putting a plate like this in front of your child instead of putting their food on melamine.

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You might recognize Toymail from Shark Tank, but if you don’t, it’s something you are going to want to check out as a great gift for kids. Basically, they are an assortment of adorable stuffed animal with a great technological surprise inside. At the push of a button, your child can record a message for their parent and talk it directly to the animal. That message is then delivered to the parent’s mobile device. For their part, parents (or whomever is on the approved sender list) can also use the app to send a message from their phone or tablet that will be delivered to the stuffed animal (they are called talkies), where the child can then listen to the message at the touch of a button. Additionally, you can give them to multiple children and they can all send messages back and forth directly through their toys.

While the kid to kid aspect of this is something we really thought was fun, it was the kid-parent/ parent-kid feature that we thought was the most important aspect of this. There are so many people who have to travel for work, whether they are serving in the military, working as a driver, or even working as a first responder. Toymail gives you a fun and unique way to stay in touch with your kid when you can’t be there! As an added bonus, they really are adorable. They come in versions ranging from bats and dinosaurs to unicorns and Penguins. Also, as your kid’s tastes change, you can buy a new outer skin for your talkie without having to buy a whole new unit.

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  • MSRP: $44.99

Mifold Portable Booster Seat

Here’s a gift item that might not seem appropriate for brand new parents, but trust us. You are going to want to get this for them now, so they have it when they need it. Booster seats can be a big hassle for parents. You either have to trust that they are going to have them where you need them, or you are going to have to haul them around with you. Mifold is an excellent solution to this problem. It’s an easy to use, portable booster that folds up to around the size of a clutch purse. It can fit in most go bags and it provides all of the safety of a traditional booster. So, while they recommend that the Mifold is best suited for ages 4-12, it’s never too early to get one for a parent of small children so they have it when the time comes.

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*Be sure to check back soon! We’ve got some brand new parents who are testing out some of the great gift ideas and we’ll have their personal reviews up in just a couple of days!