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Catit senses 2.0 Wellness Center

We’ve denied cats their due for far too long in the gift guide. Let’s face it, the internet runs on kittens and they just have cooler toys than dogs. The first item we wanted to show you is going to be the beginning of a rabbit hole of cat toys that you are going to be happy you fell down. The company Catit makes a suite of various cat items that all work together, allowing you to essentially create your cat’s own personal Disney World. At the center of all of these interconnected products is the Senses 2.0 Wellness Center. There’s no better way to describe it than a little oasis for your cat. At its center is a cool mat for the cat to lay on, and our test cat took to it immediately. On either side you’ve then got massage ridges and then self-brushing stations. Finally, it’s all capped off by a little catnip station that our test cat took to, like, well… catnip! We not only loved this as a great little chill out spot for your cat (and it’s fun to watch it brushing itself and going nuts for the catnip), but it’s a great base for the rest of their products, which can all be found at the link below.

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Catit Flower Cat Fountain

While Catit’s Wellness Center nurtures your cat’s spirit, the flower fountain quenches its thirst. It’s widely understood that cats prefer running water. The wild animal part of their brain remembers that running water is almost always safer than stagnant water. The problem is that most cat fountains are ugly. Thankfully, Catit has come up with one that is absolutely adorable. With vibrant colors and a cute flower that is more than just for looks. If your cat likes drinking from pools of water, you can remove the flower, if they like little streams (like a faucet), you add in the petals, and then you can add in the center of the flower to vary it even further. Our test cat liked the streams the best. We also loved the height of the fountain. It was tall enough that older cat’s don’t have to strain down to get to it and short enough that kittens can still access it. Just like all of Catit’s products, we reccomend them for pretty much any cat in the world.

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No Bowl Cat Feeding System

Cats are wild animals. Earlier this year, a study showed that the only reason they don’t try to eat us is because we are so much bigger than them. The problem is that wild animals get bored with the captive world unless you make it interesting. Food in a bowl is not interesting. However, food that they can hunt for is. That’s the beauty of the No Bowl Cat Feeding System. In a nutshell, it gives you chance to fill fake mice with cat food and then train your cat to hunt for the mice throughout the day instead of training your cat to come nibble off a pile in a bowl. Along with the ingenuity of the product, we loved that it doesn’t seem to be a radical departure for the cats themselves. We had one of our friends test it out with their cat and the results were great. Even in a short period of time, the cat had moved through most of the steps of No Bowl’s transition protocol (available on their site). The cat seemed to enjoy having to work a little harder for the food, and even succeed in its first hunt. This is great for any cat, or anyone you know who has a cat.

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One Fast Cat Treadmill

So many of the cat owners we know are all suffering from fat cat syndrome. If the cat’s diet isn’t great, or it just doesn’t move around enough, the cat gets fat, and fat cats suffer from a ton medical problems. When this cat treadmill came around, we thought it was mostly just a joke, but after about a week of having it around a cat, bribing it, and showing it how it works, we found that the cat actually seemed to enjoy getting on it for anything from a walk to a full out sprint! On the human side of the equation, we really liked how easy it was to assemble, and how little room it seems to take up compared to other models. It even comes in an assortment of designs, including leopard print (for the cat that has always wanted to run on the back of another, endless feline). Perfect for the chubby pussy in your life.

Get yours today at: One Fast Cat

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