If you are on media black out from this point on, I’d advise you stop reading. There’s something super cool that may be popping up in Rogue One, so this could be considered a spoiler for you. Unfortunately, someone posted a note about this on my Facebook wall, so I now know about it too.

Here goes.

Many people have been wondering when we’d see something from Rebels pop up in the Star Wars films. I’m still hoping that Benicio Del Toro is playing an old Ezra who has gone dark. However, our best shot is for something to pop up in Rogue One. After all, they are taking place at pretty much the same time. Now, a blogger by the name of Kenny the Pirate has spotted what he thinks is proof that we could be getting at least a glimpse of the Rebels’ ship, The Ghost, in the new film. The quick glimpse comes at the 7 second mark of one of the movie’s latest TV spots.

What do you think? Bottom left corner. Was that the Ghost? Here’s a still shot so you can see it againL


I’m not expecting to see any live action versions of the actors from the film, but maybe we’ll get lucky and at least see Chopper driving by.

Rogue One hits theaters in 8 days!

Source: Kennythepirate