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Calling Ecospheres Sea Monkeys for grown ups would be doing them a disservice. These are beautiful, self-contained worlds of wonder. Each Ecosphere is a sealed, glass ball or pod that is filled with water, a sea fan, live shrimp and stones. It never gets opened, it just becomes a focal point in your home. A place where you can lose yourself to the tiny universe that is unfolding on your tabletop. I’ve taken to calling mine the city of Kandor. If you love sea life or just crave a spot that will give you gauranteed serenity in your home or office, the Ecosphere is perfect. I’m happy with their smallest size, but you can get them in up to a 9” sphere with 35 shrimp in them. One of the most beautiful items we’ve ever had the pleasure of featuring in our holiday gift guide.

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  • MSRP: $65.00

Mantis Knives Vicious Circle Knife

Knives are cool. Ok? Everyone loves knives, whether they admit it or not, but they’ve gotten kind of boring. Enter Mantis Knives and the Vicious circle. It’s a claw knife that you can wear around your neck as an unsuspecting piece of jewelry. Then, with just a small tug, you’ve got yourself a deadly weapon that will get you through many a tough situation. We aren’t saying you should ever go looking for one of those situations, but we are saying that when you are wearing it, none of those situations better be looking for you.

Get yours today at: Mantis Knives

  • MSRP: $94.99

Pure2Go Water Purifier Go Kit

Even if you don’t live in Flint Michigan, the reality is that clean water isn’t always something that is easily accessible. Pure2Go Water Purifier Go Kit is pretty much the only thing out there that easily makes sure you can stay hydrated and safe, even when the water isn’t. You can easily clean water for yourself or for a small group, and you can drink it with the confidence of knowing that it’s been cleaned of virtually all viruses and bacteria, including Crypto and Giardia. This isn’t the gift for those who want to get drunk, but it’s the perfect one for people who want to make sure they’ll always be able to get a drink… of water.

Get yours today at: Pure2Go

  • MSRP: $16.35

Rocky Mountain Barber Company – Wooden Hair Comb

On the surface, a comb might seem like a silly gift. Combs are a dime a dozen. They are disposable and generally not all that great. The combs from the Rocky Mountain Barber Company are different. They are finely crafted from wood. They are durable and they even look great. If you pulled one out of your pocket to straighten your hair, no one is going to think you are an extra in grease. They are going to ask where you got such a nice comb. This is a great gift for anyone that loves their hair.

Get yours today at: Rocky Mountain Barber

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