After a rare snow delay, Mezco Toyz was finally able to host their pre-Toy Fair event and the official launch of their much buzzed Sons of Anarchy toy and merchandise line. We’ll have more coverage of Mezco’s Pre-Toy Fair display later in the evening, but these were just too cool to sit on any longer.

Along with their new 6″ Figures, they are also releasing Plushies, Standees, Bobbleheads, stash boxes, and challenge coins.

Featured in the gallery are:
Jax 6″ Figures (prison jumpsuit and biker gear)
Clay 6″ Figures (prison jumpsuit and biker gear)
Sons of Anarchy Plushies
Sons of Anarchy Pillows
Sons of Anarchy Keychains and Products
Jax Bobblehead
Clay Bobblehead

Source: Toyark