When I was a kid, and there was a snow day, we’d find out by either listening to the news on the radio or watching the crawl on the bottom of the screen for the local news. Well, at Stephens Elementary, they do things a little bit different.

Turns out they aren’t just funny, they are also pretty smart. They’ve posted a video of their Bohemian Rhapsody themed school closing announcement online in hopes of getting enough attention that they can raise funds for new computers at the school.

We like to have fun at our school. So, after several school closings due to snow and cold, we recorded this call to parents to see if we could make them laugh. I think we succeeded. Boone County Schools in Kentucky is one of the nation’s finest. And, our awesome parents deserve this chuckle. By the way, if this video can gain us some exposure, AND you know of someone willing to help us out with some cash for technology, we DESPERATELY need it. Ellen? Rosie? Oprah? Jimmy Kimmel? We love our jobs – I hope you can tell!