We’ve never seen this much excitement over shoes before, but the Back to The Future Part Two Nike MAG sneakers seem to have captured the entire world’s attention. Michael J Fox Even took them onto The Letterman Show last night.

Just like the earlier release promised, the shoes appeared on eBay at 8:30 PM PST. Bidding was fast and furious… and sometimes fraudulent. At one point in the evening, there were some bids as high as $75,000.00. Now, however, it seems like the highest bids are closer to the $10 – $11,000 range.

There was some confusion at first amongst fans as to whether the shoes actually had power laces or not. Seeming anticipating the issue, Nike created a commercial to address the question through Bill Hader, Kevin Durant, Christopher Lloyd, Tinker Hatfield, and Donald Fullilove.

The video takes place in the Lone Pine Mall and even features KD giving an extra nod to the movies at the very end.

One of the great things about the shoes is that all the proceeds are going to the Michael J Fox Foundation to fight Parkinson’s disease. They will be releasing 150 new pairs of shoes for auction every 24 hours for the next ten days. Shoes are available in sizes 7-13.

If you don’t want the shoes, but are looking for a slightly more affordable collectible from the evening, NIKE was giving out ceramic replicas of the shoes at the launch party last night. They don’t look nearly as cool, but they will probably only cost you a couple hundred dollars vs a couple thousand.