We’ve done a couple of posts on Camilla d’Errico in the past, why? Because she’s one of the best artists out there. This weekend, she’ll be at Comikaze, the LA based Comic Convention run by Stan Lee (We’ll be there covering the show too!). Anyways, Stan Lee asked Camilla if she could come up with a Stan Lee Pin-Up to celebrate the occasion. She did… and it is AWESOME!

The Print, called Stan Lee’s Octo Throne features Lee, “seated atop a Camilla-esque Octopus Throne, Stan Lee keeps a quiet and dignified vigil over a Mountain of Marvel characters an toys.”

The cool thing is that you don’t have to be going to the show to get the print. You can get it on her site now!

Along with the standard print, she’s also created a line art version and a very cool chart version that labels all the toys and characters in the pile.