Mattycollector has just announced that they will be selling their first wave box set of 6″ DCUC collection action figures on

The program begins with Wave 11 and the box set will include standard carded versions of:

-John Stewart – with constructs
-Katma Tui – with constructs
-The Question – Fan’s choice
-Deadman (standard version)
-Cyborg Superman (Sinestro Corps uniform)
-Steppenwolf Green
-Steppenwolf Red

Along with all the above mentioned figures fans will also receive the parts needed to make the CnC Kilowog! While the set will include both variants of Steppenwolf, the variant of Deadman (clear legs and arms, glow in the dark eyes and logo) will be a retail exclusive (Hey, gotta leave something to hunt for)

The set will break down to about $15.00 per figure (plus shipping) which is a bit pricey, but it will save you the headaches of never being able to find all the figures.

The set goes on sale Dec 23nd, only on! (and for those asking why we can’t sell this on Dec 15th with the other Dec product – the answer is simple; this is the soonest the set will arrive at our distribution center. If we pre-sold it on the 15th, it would hold up shipments of any other items you might order and that is the last thing we want!).