A Southern California company is hoping to cash in on marketing colognes and perfumes made from the DNA genetic codes of famous figures such as Albert Einstein and celebrities such as Michael Jackson.

According to the company’s Web site, “My DNA Fragrance,” is using genetic maps from such greats as Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe to make the unique scents that are bottled and sold for around $60.

Besides Jackson, the offerings include fragrances made from the DNA codes of Elvis Presley, Abraham Lincoln and many more.

By now you must be wondering where the company obtains their famous DNA. Well the manufacturer works closely with collectors who have samples of the famous figures’ hair to obtain the DNA coding.

In fact, anyone can have their own fragrance made by providing a DNA sample for about $140.

For those mad scientist types hoping to clone their own celebrity, the company assures that there is no actual human DNA in any of the bottles, nor does it have any bearing on what the person actually smells like.

Rather the person’s genetic code provides a recipe to be used with a standard list of ingredients.

Source: APP