Dexter TV Series 1/6 Scale Figure

“People think it’s fun to pretend you’re a monster. Me, I spend my life pretending I’m not.”

From the award winning crime drama Dexter comes the officially licensed Dexter Morgan 1/6 figure. This highly detailed collectible menacingly captures the forensic technician’s double life. With two head sculpts, two sets of clothing, and a variety of accessories, you can display him as Dexter; the law-abiding everyman, or as the Dark Passenger; his deeply unflinching alter ego.

“I’m a very neat monster”

The 1/6th scale Dexter includes:
– One (1) Dexter Morgan head sculpt
– One (1) Dark Passenger head sculpt
– One (1) fully articulated muscular figure body
– Nine (9) pairs of hands. Five (5) gloved, Four (4) ungloved.

Clothing and Accessories:
For Dexter:
– One (1) Pink shirt
– One (1) Pair of pants
– One (1) Watch
– One (1) Badge
– One (1) Messenger Bag
– One (1) Pair of shoes

For the Dark Passenger
– One (1) Green top
– One (1) Pair of sleeves
– One (1) Pair of pants
– One (1) Apron
– One (1) Pair of shoes
– One (1) Dexter’s knife roll, including ten (10) of the killer’s tools
– One (1) Dexter’s blood slide box
– One (1) Syringe

You can pre-order HERE for $279.99