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American’s most beloved dysfunctional family, the Simpsons will be honored by The United States Postal Service in stamp form for the first time ever.

From USPS:
The Simpsons, currently in its 20th year as a regularly scheduled half-hour series, is the longest-running comedy in television history. The show is a cultural phenomenon, recognizable throughout the world.

“We are excited to celebrate The Simpsons on postage stamps,” said U.S. Postal Service Executive Director of Stamp Services David Failor. “Eyebrow-raising to say the least, this witty, well-written pop icon continues to irreverently satire its parody of a middle-class family as it lampoons American culture. The Simpsons stamps, which includes known philatelists Bart Simpson, will serve as a great opportunity to interest youngsters into stamp collecting.”

“This is the biggest and most adhesive honor The Simpsons has ever received,” said Matt Groening, creator and executive producer of The Simpsons.

“We are emotionally moved by the Postal Service selecting us rather than making the lazy choice of someone who has benefited society,” said James L. Brooks, executive producer of The Simpsons.

Simpsons Beat the Odds The U.S. Postal Service receives approximately 50,000 suggestions for stamp subjects each year, yet only about 20 topics are selected for postage. The Simpsons is the only television show to be featured as the sole subject of a stamp set while still in primetime production.

Created by Matt Groening, the Simpsons have been a pop culture icon for over a decade ever since their break out success as a one shot Christmas special.

There are five Simpson stamps in all, and will feature the entire core family from Homer and Marge, all the way to Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie.

USPS has set up a special section on their site dedicated to the new Simpson stamps, and fans and stamp collectors alike can vote for their favorite Simpson character. Voting ends May 14… And don’t remember, by then, stamps will have increased by 2 cents to 44 cents.