OK, it’s Friday and you know you are just counting the minutes until you can clock out from work and go see The Watchmen. So why not do something productive with your time? I’m sure your office has a nice printer, right? Great, then its time to take advantage of it and make some paper crafts. It’s way better than origami, and it is guaranteed to kill some time.

Now, in honor of The Watchmen, let’s start off with some simple paper crafts of Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach.

Dr. Manhattan


Maybe a light Snack?


OK, so you tackled those simple little figures, let’s move on to something a little tougher: Video Game Dioramas. Just imagine how great they’ll look in your cubicle!

Paper Mario

Still too easy? Print these bad boys out and give them a try!



Bates Motel Mansion

Think you can handle an even bigger challenge? Well, suck on this…

V8 Engine