Gotta love it when an eBay seller from Hong Kong unsuspectingly leaks photos of highly anticipated and apparently top secret images of Hasbro’s new Wolverine and the X-Men Animated series action figures.

Below are images courtesy of DreamCab from eBay. The images are of packaged pictures of Beast, Wolverine, Avalanche and Colossus. No release date is set for these action figures but they seem to be all but shipping out so expect to see them on shelves later this month or next.

Meanwhile catch the premiere of Wolverine and the X-Men Friday, January 23 @ 8PM ET on the Nicktoons Network.

2 thoughts on “First Look at Leaked Wolverine And The X-MEN Animated Series Action Figures”

  1. Snap-on claws? God, what happened to the good-old days where a Wolverine action figure had spring-loaded claws that would snikt when press a little button on his back or wrists?

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