Medicom’s MAFEX line is venturing into the world of DC Comics in 2020 and they’ll be starting with a 6″ figure based on Batman in Jim Lee’s Batman Hush storyline.

A scan of a magazine solicitation leaked online in the last 24 hours that gives us our first look at the figure based on Jim Lee’s art from the comic book. The image also reveals that the figure will feature a soft-goods cape, several alternate hands, and batarangs. You can expect to see the figure popping up on shelves in April of 2020.

Medicom isn’t the only company prepping for the release of DC Comics figures next year. McFarlane is also releasing their own line based on the classic heroes and villains. The good news is that the two companies won’t really be competing. The MAFEX figures tend to run around $80 apiece, while the McFarlane figures are expected to hit shelves around $20.

We’re hoping that we’ll get a better look at both the MAFEX figure and McFarlane’s offerings at next month’s San Diego Comic Con.

Source: TNI